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Friday, September 23, 2016
11:30 AM - 5:00 PM
The Pacific Club
4110 MacArthur Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
By Friday, September 16, 2016

Opening Keynote:

The Upcoming National Election & Your Clients:
A Discussion on Where the Candidates Stand on Key Money Issues

FPA Orange County
SCOTT BAUGH (The Republican)

Scott Baugh is an attorney in Newport Beach, California. In 1995, Mr. Baugh was elected to the California State Assembly. In 1999, Mr. Baugh was elected as the Assembly Republican Leader. As Republican Leader, Mr. Baugh set a unique tone of bi‐partisanship in California by uniting his Republican caucus in support of Democratic Assemblyman Robert Hertzberg as the unanimously elected Speaker of the California Legislature. Mr. Baugh served for 11 years as Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County from 2004 ‐2015, where he raised over $20 million dollars for Republican candidates. Mr. Baugh also served on the presidential campaigns of President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, Governor Mitt Romney, and Marco Rubio. Mr. Baugh currently serves as the Managing Director of State and Federal Government Relations for Strathspey Crown, LLC. Strathspey Crown is an innovative lifestyle healthcare‐focused growth equity firm that partners with thousands of board certified physicians across the globe in the commercialization of groundbreaking technologies and services for patients worldwide. Mr. Baugh is also the founding Chairman of the OC Marathon that operates a marathon, a half marathon, several 5k runs and a “Kid’s Run.” The Kids Run has over 7,000 participants from Orange County grammar schools and is designed to fight obesity by teaching children the importance of exercise and nutrition.

FPA Orange County
Robert Hertzberg (The Democrat)

Bob Hertzberg is the first former Assembly Speaker in 86 years to be elected to the California State Senate. What makes his political journey even more remarkable is that his two stints in the Legislature were separated by a dozen years of public policy activism as a private citizen, lawyer and businessman.

In between serving as Speaker and now as a Senator, Mr. Hertzberg engaged in extensive various global renewable energy endeavors which earned him recognition by CNBC European Business as one of its Top 100 Low‐Carbon Pioneers at Davos, and The Guardian Magazine in the UK listed Mr. Hertzberg as one of the “50 People Who Could Save The Planet.”

Now representing nearly 1 million residents of the San Fernando Valley in the Senate, Hertzberg remains committed to looking at the big challenges facing California. In the words of one veteran Sacramento columnist, he is “an intense bundle of energy, an all-night negotiator.” He chairs the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance and serves on the Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments; the Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications; the Committee on the Judiciary; and the Committee on Natural Resources and Water.

Senator Hertzberg graduated from the University of Redlands and earned his law degree at Hastings College of Law. He also helped create one of the first solar companies in Los Angeles.

FPA Orange County
Tom Campbell (Moderator)

Tom Campbell is a Professor of Law at the Dale E. Fowler School of Law, and a Professor of Economics at the George Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University. He served as Dean of the Fowler School of Law from 2011 to 2016. He is a former five-term Republican United States Congressman from California's 12th and 15th districts and former member of the California State Senate.

Mr. Campbell has also served as professor at Stanford Law School and University of California, Berkeley. He has a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago, and a JD, magna cum laude, from Harvard Law School, where he also served as a member of the board of editors of the Harvard Law Review. He was a law clerk to United States Supreme Court Justice Byron White, and to US Court of Appeals Judge George E. MacKinnon; a White House Fellow; executive assistant to the Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice; and, director of the Bureau of Competition at the Federal Trade Commission. Tom's principal area of academic work is in the application of economics to legal questions. He is the author of the book Separation of Powers in Practice, published by Stanford University Press (2004).

Closing Keynote

Pushing Beyond Limits to Achieve Success

FPA Orange County
Founder of the OM Foundation (OMF)

Bonner Paddock is the Founder of the OM Foundation (OMF), which promotes the idea that any one person can make a difference if they dedicate themselves to look beyond their own personal limits to achieve their goals. Bonner is the first person with Cerebral Palsy to ascend Mt. Kilimanjaro and to finish the infamous Ironman World Championship unassisted. He has since raised over $1 Million Dollars to help build and support early learning centers in the US & Africa, which provide therapy for special needs children. He has also launched his first book, One More Step, a memoir about his life living with Cerebral Palsy, conquering the incredibly challenging physical feats described above, and starting his own foundation. Listen to Bonner's inspirational story as he shares with you what held him back for 30 years and how he pushed beyond his own limits to achieve success.

All attendees will receive a copy of Bonner Paddock’s book, One More Step, and he
will be available to sign books during the wine reception.

Roundtable Topics:

  • Asset Allocation and Market Insights Tools Discussion, with Tyler VanZandt, Vice President, T. Row Price
    Join Tyler VanZandt, Investment Consultant and Vice President of T. Rowe Price Investment Services for an interactive conversation around tools and technology to help you gather market intelligence and research asset allocation decisions. Tyler will highlight MarketScene®, a digital solution designed exclusively for financial advisors, offering a quick and easy way to tap into our latest investment thinking.

  • The Effective Client Review: Foundation for a More Productive Practice, with Mac Winchester CMFC®, APMA®, Regional Consultant, AB North America Client Group
    Effective client reviews not only improve client service, they bolster client retention and help turn satisfied clients into powerful referral pipelines. This roundtable will discuss benefits of and preparing for a successful review.

  • Revocable Transfer on Death Deed For Real Property: Will It Work, with Jennifer Sawday, Partner, TLD Law
    This roundtable will introduce important 2016 legislation that allows a real property owner to transfer real estate upon his or her death in a way somewhat similar to a beneficiary designation works for a financial account.

  • Tax and Estate Planning for Non-Resident Aliens and Immigrants (Case Study), with Joy Chang, Esq. of Withers Bergman, LLP
    With globalization and the increased inflow of capital to the United States, more and more U.S. estate planners and other trusted advisors are receiving inquiries from non-resident aliens and immigrants looking for tax and estate planning advice. This roundtable will focus on a case study of a high net worth non-resident alien family looking to invest in and immigrate to the U.S., and the planning opportunities presented for estate planners and allied professionals, such as tax planning, estate planning, investment advice, etc.

  • Top 10 Reasons You Need to Know a Professional Fiduciary, with Mark Powell, Esq., Mark E. Powell, PC
    Professional fiduciaries provide many of the services a trust company provides, but they often provide more customized assistance. Our discussion will help you understand this growing profession and how your clients might benefit from meeting a professional fiduciary.

  • Moving Forward in Reverse (Case Study), with Kimberly McFee, Reverse Mortgage Educators
    This roundtable discussion will be covering a case study with the intended purpose of explaining to the financial community the details of how a client can conservatively use a reverse mortgage as part of an overall responsible retirement plan.

  • The Future Trends of Portfolio Management Systems, with George Svagera, Orion Advisor Services, LLC
    Join us to discuss the Orion platform, how it can improve the client experience, and how integrations can save valuable time for advisor firms.

  • Best Strategies for Beneficiary Designations & Asset Distribution, with R. DeDe Soto, Attorney at Law, Soto Law Group
    This roundtable will discuss best estate planning practices and strategies in naming beneficiaries that will protect and distribute your client's assets to their intended beneficiaries. We will discuss qualified and non-qualified plans, investment property, businesses, and examples such as blended families where IRA’s and 401k’s are involved, protecting 2nd & 3rd homes, working with multiple types of trusts, and more.

  • Alternative Investments: Are They A Fit For Your Portfolio?, with John Dade, Senior Managed Futures AP, Essex Futures / Essex Asset Management
    You will learn the history of Managed Futures and the impact of including this asset class in the investors’ portfolio. We will share the historic performance of Managed Futures against the other investment benchmarks as well as how Investment Professionals can add this asset class to their offerings for their clients.

  • Why the smartest hire you ever make could be the planning platform you choose, with Tim Rembowski, Sales Director, inStream Solutions
    Industry thought leaders are citing financial planning as the central value proposition for advisory practices in the future. In our session, we will discuss how this once ancillary function is now being used to effectively and proactively communicate with clients in order to increase client retention and attract held-away assets. We will also discuss the value of using a goals-based approach in order to move client focus away from investment performance and discuss what clients actually care about -- meeting their financial goals.

  • Financial Planning for Multi-Nationals, with Jonathan A. Mintz, Esq., TEP, Chair, STEP-OC
    This roundtable will explore the numerous financial planning opportunities in working with non-US citizens, including education funding and planning, wealth and estate planning, retirement planning, and risk and insurance planning. Learn how to grow your practice by assisting the increasing number of multi-nationals investing in, and relocating to, Orange County.

Interested in being a Roundtable Partner at this year’s Summit? Contact Maria Kutscher, Allied Professionals Chair


11:30 AM
Registration/Exhibit Booths
12:00 PM
Lunch with Opening Keynote:
“The Upcoming National Election & Your Clients: A Discussion on Where the Candidates Stand on Key Money Issues”
  • Scott Baugh, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party (2004-2015)
  • Robert Hertzberg, Democratic California State Senator representing the 18th district which encompasses parts of the San Fernando Valley.
  • Tom Campbell, Professor of Law and former United States Congressman and former member of the California State Senate.
1:15 PM


1:30 PM
Roundtable Session #1 (Case Study or Discussion)
2:15 PM
Dessert & Refreshments Break / Exhibit Booths
2:30 PM
Roundtable Session #2 (Case Study or Discussion)
3:15 PM
Closing Keynote Speaker:
“Pushing Beyond Limits to Achieve Success”
  • Bonner Paddock, Founder and Chairman, OM Foundation
4:15 PM
Bonner Paddock Book Signing and wine reception sponsored by Skyline Home Loans
All attendees will receive a copy of Bonner’s book
5:00 PM
End of Program

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