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May/June 2011


Wow! Take a look at our New Member and Anniversary list below. Your Chapter is growing while maintaining so many great individuals and I am proud to be a part of it all. Our National organization is doing some terrific things to support and promote YOU... and the word is out! There are so many new and useful benefits that it is impossible to list them all here (spend 10 minutes on the FPA National website www.fpanet.org to get some updates for yourself). One benefit I’d like to emphasize in this issue is the FPA Member Advantage Program. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for a way to save a buck (Groupon being the latest - thanks Evelyn and Mark!). Did you know through your membership you have access to some pretty terrific discounts? Check out the following link -www.fpanet.org/professionals/Membership/DiscountInsurancePrograms. There you’ll find member discounts from 10 to 30% on vacations and travel, office supplies, FedEx, Lifelock, IPS Advisor Pro and Naviplan - just to mention a few. Seems National is constantly adding to our list of available benefits... we just need to know where to find them.

Another place to search for member benefits is on your own chapter’s newly updated website www.fpaocc.org. Spend a few minutes learning about all the benefits and opportunities here in Orange County. Learn more about your committees, board, past presidents, NexGen community, calendar of events, local classifieds, study groups, education meetings, pro bono opportunities, scholarships, and most important... our partners who financially support all of these efforts.

And lastly, scroll through your newsletter for May/June and mark a few dates on your calendar - June 15th for the So Cal FPA Technology Day, August 24th for our quarterly education meeting with Dr. Esmael Adibi and Mitch Anthony slated to present, October 8th for our second annual OC Financial Planning Day and October 19th for our Allied Professionals Summit. Oh, and I can’t forget FPA Experience 2011 on September 15th - 18th in San Diego... rumor has it it’s going to be “The Most Interesting Conference in the World”!

More to come... be proud that you are a part!

Carolanne Chavanne


Last Chance! Register Right Away!
Webinar on Social Security - What Every Financial Advisor Must Know

Currently approved for 2 CE credit hours
June 3, 2011 9 AM to 11 AM PT

Sign up right away at www.mlbspeakerseries.com or call FPAOCC member Andrew Scammon at (562) 743-0111

Southern California FPA "Technology Day"

The FPA Chapters of Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley and West Valleys are thrilled to present the first Southern California FPA Joint Regional Technology Day Conference featuring keynote speakers Joel Bruckenstein and David Drucker, the undeniable authorities on how financial planning professionals can utilize software, hardware and other technologies to improve and streamline their practices. This all-day conference will be held on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, at The Olympic Collection. The conference includes breakout sessions presented by the best minds in the biz on the technology trends of the day. Visit the FPA Los Angeles site to register and for more details.

2011 Orange County Financial Planning Day

Here we go again...the 2011 OCFPD is about four months away! This year, the event will be held on Saturday, October 8th at the Brandman University Irvine Campus. Click here for more details.


FPA Orange County

Safe Savings Rates: A New Approach to
Retirement Planning over the Life Cycle

by Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D.
(As featured in the Journal of Financial Planning)

Executive Summary:
  • Focusing on a “safe withdrawal rate” and then deriving a “wealth accumulation target” to achieve by the retirement date may not be the best way to approach retirement planning. Such a formulation isolates the working (accumulation) and retirement (decumulation) phases.

  • When considered together, the lowest sustainable withdrawal rates (which give us our idea of the safe withdrawal rate) tend to follow prolonged bull markets, while the highest sustainable withdrawal rates tend to follow prolonged bear markets.

  • The focus of retirement planning should be on the savings rate rather than the withdrawal rate. The “safe savings rate” may be based on historical simulations as the savings rate that proves sufficient to support the desired retirement expenditures from a life-cycle perspective, including both the accumulation and decumulation phases. Safe savings rates derived in this manner are less volatile than withdrawal rates and imply a lower ex-post cost to being overly conservative.

  • Unlike the 4 percent rule for a safe withdrawal rate, there is not a universal “safe savings rate,” but guidelines can be created. Starting to save early and consistently for retirement at a reasonable savings rate will provide the best chance to meet retirement expenditure goals. Actual withdrawal rates and wealth accumulations at retirement may be treated as almost an afterthought in this framework. But the savings plan should be adhered to regardless of whether it seems one is accumulating either more or less wealth than is needed based on traditional criteria.
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06/03 9 – 11 am Social Security-What Every Financial Advisor Should Know.
06/07 3:30 – 5 pm Study Group - Protecting Fiduciary Liability in ILITs
06/15 All Day Technology Day in LA
07/05 3:30 – 5 pm Study Group - Human Resources Clinic
07/14 Details to come! NexGen Tour of PIMCO
08/02 3:30 – 5 pm Study Group - Article Discussion
08/24 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting
09/15 - 09/18 All Day FPA Experience 2011, San Diego, CA
10/08 10 am – 4 pm OC Financial Planning Day
10/19 10 am - 2:30 pm Allied Professionals Summit; Pacific Club, Newport Beach (Details to come)
10/23 - 10/28 All Day FPA Residency 2011
11/16 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting


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FPA Orange County

FPA Orange County Pro Bono Committee by Julie M. Holmes-Grady, 2010/2011 Director

GETTING INVOLVED - Giving vulnerable members of our communities a helping hand by sharing our professional expertise — that's what pro bono financial planning is all about. Throughout the country, FPA chapters are working with community partners to assist those with the greatest need for and the least access to the power of financial planning.

Volunteering as an FPA OCC pro bono planner is a great way to give back, build professional skills and strengthen ties with your community and fellow FPA OCC members. Join our chapter’s Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee today or just let us know that you have an interest in volunteering! Either way works for us! Contact Committee Chair Julie Holmes-Grady at [email protected].

If you volunteer your time to any OC Community-based Organizations, please report your volunteer work via our new BRAG List function.

By completing the data fields, you help FPA OCC keep track of pro bono and community outreach volunteer work within the OC community. You will also help FPA National maintain statistics for our organization's national profile with the media. Both help to highlight our profession.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Holmes-Grady at [email protected]

As an FPA OCC pro bono volunteer, would you be interested in establishing a relationship with a "pro bono client" over a 6-month period? Or perhaps over a 1-year period?

I have been asked by a number of OC charitable organizations if we, the FPA OCC, would provide volunteers to meet this community need. As Chair of the FPA OCC Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee, I need to get a feel from the FPA OCC membership as to the time you would consider offering.

To help you in these matters, the FPA offers "Money 101," a free online financial assessment tool for you to use, which is accessible to both planners and their pro bono clients. This tool is provided to us for free by the Foundation for Financial Planning.

Please notify me at [email protected] if you have an interest in establishing a longer-term relationship with a pro bono client.

Here we go again...the 2011 OCFPD is about four months away! This year, the event will be held on Saturday, October 8th at the Brandman University Irvine Campus. (Brandman University is a member of the Chapman University system.)
Click here for more info.

We will need many Pro Bono volunteers to meet with the attendees to discuss personal financial matters. Also, we will need a number of Administrative volunteers to help with the smooth flow of the events throughout the day.

The Steering Committee is currently working on identifying the presentation topics as well as the Speakers for the workshops that will take place throughout the day.

If you are interested in either volunteer category or have an interest in being a Speaker, please contact Julie Holmes-Grady at [email protected].

Venturing Boy Scouts of America: Financial Education Program
Long-time FPA OCC Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee Member Rick Kagawa has been busy! Over the last four years, Rick has been working closely with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and the Boy Scouts of America to produce a financial education program for the high school age coed program called Venturing. Venturing serves 172,000 young men and women, age 14 to 20, across the country.

This documented program is an important milestone for the BSA in that it ensures that the Program's message is consistent across the nation, regardless of who teaches the material to the Scouts at the local level. By completing the Venturing Financial Education Program, a Scout will demonstrate his/her knowledge in financial matters. And, the BSA will recognize and reward the Scout's knowledge with a merit badge.

The financial education program covers the following essential financial topics:
  • Setting Goals
  • Budgeting
  • Making Money
  • Spending Money
  • Managing Money
  • Independence - Moving Out
  • Independence - Renting a Place
  • Staying Healthy

This program is currently in the field testing phase.

Rick's legacy will be great as the Boy Scouts of America Organization continues to use this material for years to come. Congratulations Rick!

Current Volunteer Opportunities:
Contact: Julie Holmes-Grady



UC Irvine

UC Irvine Extension’s Personal Financial Planning program, available fully online or in traditional face-to-face format (regular and accelerated), is registered with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. Students will acquire the job knowledge requirements to sit for the CFP® Board’s CFP® Certification Examination.

UC Irvine Extension is the only school in the country to offer the FPA Residency Program each year. This intensive, week-long program bridges the gap between technical financial planning knowledge and understanding the financial planning process in the real-world. The strength of this unique program is drawn from experienced CFP™ practitioners who mentor participants throughout the week, providing valuable insight and expertise across the spectrum of client relationships and service.

Anyone interested in becoming an instructor at UC Irvine Extension should first view our website at:
Click here to read the guide.

Click here for more information.

For Personal Financial Planning Program: Francine Berg , (949) 824-4661
For FPA Residency Program: extension.uci.edu/fpa
For Recruitment: Gina Cho



Motivating and Helping the Overspending Client: A Stages-of-Change Model

Keeping Ahead of the Long-Term Care Domino
by Jim Grote, CFP®

From the current issue of the Journal of Financial Planning:

If financial planners want to know what’s keeping their older clients up at night, they might consult the 2010 Age Wave study sponsored by Genworth Financial, “Our Family, Our Future: The Heart of Long-Term Care Planning.”While the recent decade of economic crises has caused numerous financial anxieties, the number one worry of retired Americans is uninsured health-care costs.

The fear relates more to their families than to themselves. According to the study, the respondents’ greatest fear regarding the possibility of a long-term illness is not running out of money (10 percent), or dying (11 percent), or ending up in a nursing home (26 percent). The overwhelming fear is “being a burden on my family” (53 percent). Gerontologist and author of this study (and numerous books), Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., president and CEO of Age Wave, has captured the weight of this issue in what is becoming an Internet-famous quotation: “[The] caregiving burden is the single most devastating social, economic, and spiritual sinkhole of the early decades of the 21st century. It could be a death blow to our thriving culture and economy.”

What can financial planners do for their retired clients?

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Name Joined Company City
Gary Miller February Trusted Financial Advisors Laguna Niguel
Andrew Scammon February MetLife Home Loans Seal Beach
Steven Brundage March Ameriprise Financial Services Long Beach
Mark Gilbert March Westminster
Jonathan Schiff March MetLife Home Loans Irvine
Brandon Wren March Corona
Kyle Anderson April Sagemark Consulting Irvine
Geoffrey Kissel April Pacific Life Insurance Newport Beach
Tarah Lephart April   Irvine
Ray Arevalo May   Placentia
Lee Ann Canaday May RE/MAX Fine Homes, The Canaday Group Laguna Beach
Pamela Clarke May Long Beach
Daniel Heidelberger May Thrivent Financial For Lutherans Lake Forest
Kelsey Layos May UC, Irvine Irvine
G. Patrick Nelsen, II May Sagemark Consulting Irvine
Leslie Pinto May First Foundation Advisors Irvine
Irina Polonsky May Polonsky Financial Group, Inc. Coto de Caza
Sydney Riccio May Riccio Wealth Management Advisors Irvine


Name Years Company City
Steve Carder 5 Lincoln Financial Advisors Irvine
Philip Ho 5 Wealth Management Group, LLP Irvine
Lawrence Parker 5   Irvine
Alyce Peterson 5 Pacific Life Insurance Co. Aliso Viejo
Carla Robertson 5 Ward Robertson Financial Group, Inc. Irvine
Alan Schryer 5   Coto De Caza
Katherine Szem 5   San Juan Capistrano
David Young 5 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Newport Beach
Richard Crum 10 RS Crum Inc. Newport Beach
Mark Pivan 10 Pivan Investment Engineering Company Newport Beach
Mike Shockley 10 Robertson, Griege & Thoele Irvine
Jeffrey Garell 15 Silversage Advisors Irvine
Jack Hunter 15 Pacific Life Insurance Co. Corona Del Mar
James O’Keefe 15 Financial Network Investment Corporation Coto De Caza
Steven Wolfe 15 Tellone Financial Services Anaheim
Brian Seaman 20 Capital Planning Group, LLC Costa Mesa
Perry Soderberg 20 Ameriprise Financial Irvine
Thomas Casey 25   Newport Beach
Anita O’Connor 25 Gainsborough Financial Consultants, Inc. Los Angeles
Melissa Shaw 25 Jones Associates Lake Forest
Alan Reedy 35 Alan Merlin Reedy A PC Newport Beach


FPA Orange County
One Thing Leads to Another... Get involved and make a difference! If we all just did ONE THING, imagine the impact we can have on our Chapter and on shaping our profession! 

Why do you serve?

“Network with other advisors to help me in my profession and broaden my options for my future, as well as to keep on top of what is happening in the local and national financial planning community and how FPA fits into this picture.”
- Steve Kiernan, CFP®

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The Orange County FPA Chapter Committees have many opportunities for you to get involved. Please visit our website for more information, and volunteer your time to do ONE THING.



FPA Orange County Read through the Capitol Update newsletter for the latest summary of tax, securities, pension, insurance and professional issues of importance to financial planners.
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  • SEC Director Discusses Priorities
  • Dodd-Frank Progress
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  • SEC Delays the Switch
  • FPA Testifies Before Congress on Taxes
  • Congress Returns to Budget * Deficit Issues
  • Treasury Takes Measures to Postpone Debt Limit Crisis
  • White House Plans Corporate Tax Reform Push



Legg Mason

Contact: Brian Galvin
Phone: (410) 736.8018

Pioneer Investments

Pioneer Investments is a leader in global asset management with over $250 billion in assets and offices in 31 countries worldwide. Founded in Boston over 80 years ago, our investment approach is based on the same principles of investing we’ve used successfully since 1928—fundamental research, quantitative research, and portfolio construction. For over 10 years, Pioneer has recognized the unique nature of the RIA marketplace and has a dedicated team of specialists to support our partners within the RIA community.

George Zranov, Regional Vice President, (424) 237-4997





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