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November/December 2011


I am grateful to have served as this year’s President of the Orange County Chapter.  Although much is expected from this position, so much more is given back in return.  Getting involved over five years ago with a desire to get connected, meet members and enhance member benefits, has led to terrific friendships, a growing network of allied professionals and innovative tools and resources that I am truly thankful for.

Your board of directors and their committees continued to build on the momentum created over the years with many chapter enhancements.  Our Communications Committee worked diligently on our updated member website, bi-monthly newsletters, and a social media presence with LinkedIn and Facebook as well as planning the logistics for our meetings.  The Membership Committee provided four scholarships to CFP students, two new member breakfasts, several NexGen social and educational events as well as an increase of 80 new members for 2011.  The Pro Bono Committee pulled off another successful Financial Planning Day event during Financial Planning Week in October, as well as reaching out throughout the year to many non-profits including Woman Sage, Operation HOPE, Laura’s House, OC Council on Aging, Boy Scouts of America, Simon Family Foundation, OC United Way and several other organizations seeking pro bono financial planning support.  Our Allied Professionals Committee held our fourth annual Allied Professionals Summit in October with over 200 attendees – this year’s event was co-hosted by the CFA Society of Orange County.  The chapter won an Outstanding Achievement Award by FPA National for our Summit held in 2010, and the event is gaining even more recognition within our professional community.  Our Education Committee did a stellar job in planning our quarterly education meetings, with top notch speakers and nearly 15 hours of continuing education credits.  Our quarterly meetings are receiving recognition from other chapters in Southern California, with record attendance (an increase of 20 – 25%).  Our Public Relations Committee is at work to recognize YOU, and put your name in the news.  We held our first Media Relations Training earlier this year with many of our members now receiving weekly media queries.  Our Member Benefits Committee maintains monthly study group sessions as well as internship opportunities and other resources for you.  The Government Relations Committee continues to inform local politicians on the value of financial planning and the Financial Planning Association as a source for credible information.  Our chapter along with other chapters in California is working behind the scenes to form the FPA of California to build awareness and advocacy in our state.

This community we call the Financial Planning Association of Orange County is alive and vibrant!  All of those benefits mentioned above would not be possible without the support of our chapter partners, as well as the many volunteers who give of their time to give back - and I want to say on behalf of our members a heartfelt “THANKS!” to all of you.  We all have a passion for our profession and it’s incredible to witness it in each and every one of you.

May you all have a blessed holiday season with your family and friends.  See you next year!

Carolanne Chavanne


2012 Quarterly Education Meeting Dates
The following are the reserved dates for our 2012 Quarterly Education Meetings. Check our website www.fpaocc.org in January to register.

February 15th, 2012
May 23rd, 2012
August 29th, 2012
November 28th, 2012

Some of our usual “3rd Wednesday of the month” dates were already booked at UCI, so we moved those quarterly meetings by one week. 

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FPA National launches new online community site: FPA Connect
We invite you to join FPA Connect, FPA National’s new online community gathering space designed exclusively for FPA members. It’s an interactive place for you to communicate, stay informed & be involved with others in the FPA community.

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Identify Potential Investment Outcomes With Scenario Analysis

Evidence-Based Financial Planning: To Learn...Like a CFP
By Elissa Buie, CFP®, and Dave Yeske, D.B.A., CFP®

Executive Summary

  • The financial planning profession’s body of knowledge consists of a mix of consensus-based best practices and research-based findings founded upon formal standards of evidence. Even a cursory examination of that body of writing and codified practice, however, reveals that the former vastly dominates the latter.

  • The scientific method provides a framework for validating the profession’s best practices, so that practitioners can have confidence that their “best” practices are based on the “best” evidence.

  • If financial planning is to leave its adolescent stage of development and achieve its full potential as a learned profession, three requirements must be met:

    1. It will require a commitment by all practitioners to stay abreast of new research, without regard to whether it qualifies for CE credit

    2. It will require practitioners to possess or acquire the ability to read and critically evaluate that research and a commitment by financial planning educational programs to impart those skills to students

    3. It will require a commitment on the part of practitioners to partner with academics in identifying the profession’s most important questions and designing research initiatives to answer them

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12/08/2011 5 pm - 7 pm NexGen Happy Hour
01/25/2012 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Advisors in Transition Networking
02/15 /2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting
03/04-03/06/2012 All Day FPA Business Solutions 2012
05/05-05/08/2012 All Day FPA Retreat 2012
05/23/2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting
08/29/2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting
09/29-10/02/2012 All Day FPA Experience 2012
11/28/2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting

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FPA Orange County Education Committee
On November 16th, our chapter held its fourth and final Quarterly Education Meeting of the year.  With five diverse presentations, our last meeting of 2011 concluded what was an exciting and successful year for the Education Committee.  In addition to providing continuing education, our goal for this year was to enhance the experience of each meeting to include social activities, networking opportunities and practice-enhancing roundtable discussions.  As we look forward to 2012, we plan to capitalize on this positive momentum with more engaging speakers, timely topics and possible theme-based meetings.  Without the dedication and hard work of the education committee volunteers, and the support of our valued partners and sponsors, it would not be possible to consistently deliver such quality events.  Many thanks to you all!!

The schedule has been set for next year’s Quarterly Education Meetings... So save these dates:

February 15th
May 23rd
August 29th
November 28th

Have a happy holiday season and see you in 2012!

FPA Orange County

Pro Bono Committee
by Julie M. Holmes-Grady, 2010/2011 Director


The 2011 OCFPD is a successful wrap! This year, the event will be held on Saturday, October 8th at the Brandman University Irvine Campus. (Brandman University is a member of the Chapmen University system.)

The Steering Committee is made up of the following Board Members:

President - Carolanne Chavanne
Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee Director - Julie M. Holmes-Grady
Government Relations Committee Director - Ed Mora
Public Relations Committee Director - Ralph Adamo
Partners Committee: - Wesley Gunter
Non-Board Members: Andi Kang, Army Nix and Juna Chang

The Steering Committee could not have coordinated this event without the help of many:

Volunteers: We have over 60 Pro Bono Volunteers who met one-on-one with the attendees to discuss personal financial matters. Most were FPA OCC members, additional professionals signed up at the invitation of the CFP® Board.

Also, we had 15 Administrative Volunteers ready to help with the smooth flow of the events throughout the day. Thank you volunteers!

Sponsors: We want to thank six people, most of whom are FPA OCC members, who have underwritten some of the expenses we incur to put on this community event:

1. Andi Kang, CFP® Crown Wealth Management
2. Renée Trommler MetLife Reverse Mortgages
3. Sue McWayne, LCSW LivHOME, Inc.
4. Robert Trommler Wells Fargo Advisors
5. Michelle O'Haren, JD, LL.M, CPA, ChFC® Pacific Life
6. Delia Fernandez, MBA, CFP® Fernandez Financial Advisory, LLC

Thank you Sponsors!

* * * * *

ANNOUNCEMENT:  2012/2013 Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee Co-Chairs

The Board and the Committee has decided that it is time to transition the Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee Chair into a two-person position.  We are fortunate to have two longstanding Committee members take the helm of this busy and important committee:  Paul Kirz and Heena Shah!  May you all continue to support them in the events they choose over the course of their two-year term 2012/2013.

With that announcement, it is time for me to make my exit.  But before I go off into the sunset...I want to thank my Committee members who, over the last two years, have done a fabulous job in supporting our community in our numerous pro bono and community outreach events across 2010 and 2011.  It has been a wonderful experience for me to have worked with such dedicated and generous people.
2011 Committee Members:  Lance Blount, Rick Kagawa, Andi Kang, Paul Kirz, Kin Lindgren, Heena Shah, Jacob Shen, Marva Thomas, Brandon Wren, Shannon Webb, Clifford Downie, and Andrew Scammon.
And to all the FPA OCC general members who have given of your time in our various events, for example Community Tax Day, Junior Achievement, Operation HOPE, or OC Financial Planning Day, you have been very generous with your time and expertise too, and I really appreciate your support!  May we all continue to move the pro bono agenda forward by giving of our time and knowledge to our community; especially to those who need it the most!

* * * * *

As an FPA OCC pro bono volunteer, would you be interested in establishing a relationship with a "pro bono client" over a 6-month period? Or perhaps over a 1-year period?

I have been asked by a number of OC charitable organizations if we, the FPA OCC, would provide volunteers to meet this community need. As Chair of the FPA OCC Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee, I need to get a feel from the FPA OCC membership as to the time you would consider offering.

To help you in these matters, the FPA offers "Money 101," a free online financial assessment tool for you to use, which is accessible to both planners and their pro bono clients. This tool is provided to us for free by the Foundation for Financial Planning.

Please notify me at [email protected] if you have an interest in establishing a longer-term relationship with an Orange County pro bono client.

* * * * *

A Reminder to use the "BRAG List" - If you volunteer your time to any OC Community-based Organizations, please report your volunteer work via our new BRAG List function

By completing the data fields, you help FPA OCC keep track of pro bono and community outreach volunteer work within the OC community.  You will also help FPA National maintain statistics for our organization's national profile with the media.  Both help to highlight our profession.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Holmes-Grady at [email protected]



UC Irvine

UC Irvine Extension offers the Personal Financial Planning Accelerated Program, an intensive five-part program covering the body of knowledge for Certified Financial Planners™.  Successful completion of the Accelerated Program fulfills the educational requirements to sit for the CFP® Certification Exam.  This problem-solving, client-centric program provides a strong, comprehensive approach to the principles of financial planning.  A hands-on approach including case studies allows students to demonstrate real-world application of the materials.

UC Irvine Extension’s CFP® Live Review Course, offered twice a year—in summer and winter—is designed for  those who have completed our Personal Financial Planning Accelerated Program, or any CFP® registered program, and are planning to sit for the CFP® Exam.  This intensive course, offered over six meetings, covers all 89 topics tested on the exam.  Students who have taken UC Irvine Extension’s Personal Financial Planning or PFP Accelerated program are eligible for a discount on the CFP® Live Review course fee.

Anyone interested in becoming an instructor at UC Irvine Extension should first view our website at:
Click here to read the guide.

Click here for more information.

For Personal Financial Planning Program or the CFP® Live Review Course: Francine Berg , (949) 824-4661
For FPA Residency Program: extension.uci.edu/fpa
For Recruitment: Kathy Amoroso



A New Beginning After Divorce

Mobile Apps for Planners
Narrowing down the wide world of cool apps, for work and for play
By Carly Schulaka

Sure, most of your client meetings and day-to-day business happens in the office, but would being mobile make life easier? Having immediate access to client contact information, account information, calendars, to-do lists and of course e-mail, anytime and anyplace may be your idea of bliss. If so, you need good apps for your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other smartphone to maximize your mobility. The financial services industry seems well poised to adopt mobile technologies. For example, according to late 2010 data from Good Technology, a corporate mobility firm, financial services leads all industries in terms of the greatest adoption of the iPad for business use (followed by the technology and health care industries). Good Technology says iPads are appealing to financial professionals because they make it easier to perform time-sensitive and mission-critical tasks.

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Name Joined Company City
Don Grimes October Caregiver Generation Laguna Niguel
Nick Karim November Steadfast Capital Markets Group
APU School of Business
Jamie Klein October Klein Financial Advisors Newport Beach
Andrew L. Marrone November   Laguna Hills
Scott M. Perkins October   Tusing
Dirk Pierce October Metlife Bank Chino Hills


Name Years Company  
Ralph G. Adamo 5 Integrity Wealth Management  
Anita M. O'Connor 25 Gainsborough Financial Consultants, Inc.  
Brian S. Seaman 20 Capital Planning Group, LLC.  
Lawrence A. Tuohino 10    


FPA Orange County One Thing Leads to Another... Get involved and make a difference! If we all just did ONE THING, imagine the impact we can have on our Chapter and on shaping our profession! 

Help make updates to the chapter website. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kevin Henss, Director of Communications at [email protected]

Help create the chapter newsletter. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kevin Henss, Director of Communications at [email protected]

Help prepare packets for the Education Meetings. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kevin Henss, Director of Communications at [email protected]


FPA Orange County Read through the Capitol Update newsletter for the latest summary of tax, securities, pension, insurance and professional issues of importance to financial planners.

  • New Contribution to IA Oversight Debate: Audits
  • DOL Issues Final Regulations on Investment Advice
  • Super Committee Struggles, Deadline Looms
  • Government Nixes Plan for Long-term Care Insurance
  • EU and Congress Toy with Transaction Tax
  • Michigan Extends Tax Filing Deadline for Disregarded Entities
  • NAIC Approves Changes to the Annuity Disclosure Model Rule
  • FPA Orange County Chapter Regulatory Discussion with CA Department of Corporations (DoC)
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TD Ameritrade

The TD Ameritrade Institutional Difference--TD Ameritrade Institutional is a leading provider of comprehensive brokerage and custody services to over 4,000 independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and their clients. We deliver smart operational solutions, innovative technology, customized practice management and flexible investment solutions, all with one goal in mind-impeccable service. As steadfast advocates for independent advisors, we continually speak out to ensure that RIA needs and the needs of investors are always considered within the regulatory environment.

When you choose to work with us, you'll see how deeply we are committed to your success. Visit us at www.tdainstitutional.com or call us at 800-934-6124.

Joe Alfery
VP, Sales TD Ameritrade Institutional
[email protected]

Kerry Harris
Marketing Manager
TD Ameritrade
[email protected]

TDA's Event Group - The Source for Meetings Management Solutions at TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade Institutional, Division of TD Ameritrade, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.


Since 1987, Laserfiche® has used its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. More than 30,000 organizations— including over 4,000 financial advisors and RIA firms—have used Laserfiche to streamline document, records and business process management.

By digitizing paper archives, Laserfiche enables financial services professionals to find information instantly, quickly prepare for audits and simplify compliance. Secure Web access enables information sharing with remote offices, business partners and clients, while comprehensive security ensures compliance with government- and industry-mandated standards. For more information, please visit our website at www.laserfiche.com, or contact Linda Kao.

Linda Kao
Strategic Planner
Phone: 800.985.8533 x312
Email: [email protected]


Schroders is a global asset management firm with over 200 years of investment experience.  As an active, research-driven manager with a singular focus on investment excellence, Schroders’ success is founded on a dedication to thought leadership, world-class resources and a research capability that sets us apart from the competition. As of September 30, 2011, Schroders managed approximately $283.9 billion globally.

Schroders provides a full range of domestic, international and global investment management strategies.  Our capabilities span global, developed and emerging markets, and are supported by extensive in-house resources including research teams, analysts, economists and portfolio managers - a network of over 345 professionals throughout 25 countries. Please visit our website, www.schroders.com/us, or contact John Maguire, for more information.

John Maguire
Director – Intermediaries, West
Phone: (347) 703-3940
Email: [email protected]



Greg Goldstein
(212) 739-4131
[email protected]


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