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March/April 2012


2012 continues to be a pivotal year both politically and economically. The Presidential race is heating up, healthcare reform legislation is being challenged and the stock market had its best first quarter finish in 14 years. Are we finally on the path to recovery? Will the troubles in Europe drag us back down? Does our economy hinge on the election? Will the FPA OCC give away another Kindle at the next Quarterly Education Meeting? These and many other questions will be addressed at upcoming events presented by our chapter this quarter.

Our next Quarterly Education Meeting will be on May 23rd at UCI. The Education Committee has put together a great line-up, including economist, Dr. Esmael Adibi. There will also be sessions on investing in emerging markets, changes in estate planning laws, generating income from portfolios, reverse mortgages as well as a practice management panel. We had over 200 registrants for our February Education Meeting. Make sure you reserve a space ASAP!

Our board continues to work feverishly to make 2012 another great year for our chapter. Whether it is study groups, Allied Professionals events, Advisors in Transition meetings, Next Gen gatherings, media opportunities or pro bono activities, our chapter continues to be one of the most vibrant in the country. We are always looking to improve, and we value your feedback. You will have the opportunity to be heard at our May Education Meeting. We will hold roundtable discussions at lunch giving you the chance to speak up about our chapter’s various activities.

The FPA Retreat will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona from May 5th through the 8th. The Retreat is designed to provide an up close and personal experience with other planners from across the country. It is much smaller than other national conferences. And, it is a great venue to meet the movers and shakers of our profession. If you have not attended a Retreat in the past, I highly encourage you to check it out. More information can be found at: http://www.fpanet.org/professionals/EventsConferences/Conferences/Retreat/.

Help us reach 500 members. Our chapter currently stands at 483 members. It has been nearly three years since we were over 500 members. FPA National has created the Refer a Colleague campaign (http://www.fpanet.org/professionals/Membership/ReferaColleague/) offering incentives for bringing new members to the FPA. Please reach out to advisors that you think can benefit from our chapter and invite them to a meeting. Together we can - Grow the community - Grow the profession - Grow the FPA.

Finally, you have heard many times from the leadership of our chapter to get involved. I know you are busy. It can be tough to find the time to balance work and family. Perhaps the notion of joining a committee seems too daunting. Don’t dismay. Our chapter’s Do 1 Thing initiative is for you. In this newsletter, you will find a listing of specific needs with which our various committees need help. Pick one - Help out - That’s it.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, suggestions or comments.

Best regards,

Michael J. Shockley


Honoring Anne Paden
It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Anne Paden passed away in February. She had been quietly battling cancer since last summer but continued to serve on the membership committee until it became too difficult late last year. Anne was a member of our chapter for 23 consecutive years. She faithfully served as a volunteer on the membership committee for many years and was Membership Chair/Board Member from 2005-2006. She openly shared her talents and was very supportive to many of the leaders of our chapter.

Quarterly Education Meeting
Our Education Meeting will be held on May 23, 2012, 8:30 am to 4 pm, at UCI Student Center. Registration closes at Noon on 5/18/2012. Registration fee are $20 Members, $125 Non-Members, and free for first time visitors. We have scheduled the following speakers:

  • Dr. Esmael Adibi - The U.S. and California Economic Outlook
  • Margie Carpenter MBA, CFP®, CIMA® - Allocating to Emerging Market Equities: Why, How, and How Much
  • Practice Management Panel Discussion featuring: Dave Little CFP® from Eclectic Associates Inc., Kara Duckworth CFP® from DuckworthMehner Private Wealth Advisors, Inc., Avi Pai CFP® from Provence Wealth Management Group, Ed Runyon CLU from Waypoint Wealth Partners, and moderated by Evelyn Zohlen MBA, MS, CFP® from Inspired Financial
  • John Salter PhD, CFP®, AIFA® - Reverse Mortgages
  • Rick MacBarron JD*, CFP®, ChFC, CLU – Estate Planning 2012
  • Sabur Moini MBA, and Jay Wong MBA, CFA - Generating Income in a Low Rate Environment

For more information and registration please visit http://www.fpaocc.org/chapter-events.htm

Allied Professional Summit 2012

The CFA Society of Orange County and the FPA of Orange County would like to cordially invite you to join us on October 10th, 2012, for an opportunity to network and learn while enjoying a delicious lunch. For more information please visit http://www.fpaocc.org/AlliedProfessionalsSummit/2011.08


Capital Market Expectations, Asset Allocation, and Safe Withdrawal

Forget Harvesting Losses! It's Time To Harvest Gains!
by Michael Kitces
From the Blog—Nerd’s Eye View - Commentary on Financial Planning News and Developments

Executive Summary

Prior to the implementation of the so-called "second Bush tax cut" - the Jobs Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 - the long-term capital gains tax rate was 20%, which was reduced to 10% for those in the lowest tax bracket. With the 2003 tax legislation, the maximum long-term capital gains rate was reduced to 15%, with a tax rate of 5% for the bottom two tax brackets, and in 2008 the latter rate was reduced to 0%. Those 15% / 0% long-term capital gains rates remain in effect today, and are scheduled under the Tax Relief Act of 2010 to continue until the end of 2012. After that point, the current laws expire, and the long-term capital gains rate reverts to its prior 20% / 10% rates... with the addition of another 3.8% for high income clients under the new Medicare unearned income tax! Not only does the scheduled increase in long-term capital gains rates represent a rising potential tax burden for clients in the future, but it also creates a surprisingly counter-intuitive but beneficial tax planning strategy - instead of the traditional approach of harvesting capital losses, in 2012 it's time to harvest long-term capital gains!

The inspiration for today's blog post is some material I am updating for my presentation "Cutting Edge Tax Planning Developments and Opportunities" about tax planning strategies to implement in 2012. As I've found in talking about these strategies over the past few years, most planners are unprepared for the paradigm shift underway as we transition from a flat-or-declining tax rate environment to a rising tax rate environment, which takes traditional strategies (like capital loss harvesting) and turns them upside down

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05/01/2012 3:30-5:00pm Study Group
05/05 - 05/08/2012 All Day FPA Retreat 2012
05/23/2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting
06/05/2012 3:30-5:00 pm Study Group
07/03/2012 3:30-5:00 pm Study Group
08//29/2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting
9/29 -10/2/12 All Day FPA Experience 2012
10/10/2012 10:30 - 2:30 pm Allied Professionals Summit
11/28/2012 All Day Quarterly Education Meeting

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UC Irvine

UC Irvine Extension offers the Personal Financial Planning Accelerated Program, an intensive five-part program covering the body of knowledge for Certified Financial Planners™. Successful completion of the Accelerated Program fulfills the educational requirements to sit for the CFP® Certification Exam. This problem-solving, client-centric program provides a strong, comprehensive approach to the principles of financial planning. A hands-on approach including case studies allows students to demonstrate real-world application of the materials.

UC Irvine Extension’s CFP® Live Review Course, offered twice a year—in summer and winter—is designed for those who have completed our Personal Financial Planning Accelerated Program, or any CFP® registered program, and are planning to sit for the CFP® Exam. This intensive course, offered over six meetings, covers all 89 topics tested on the exam. Students who have taken UC Irvine Extension’s Personal Financial Planning or PFP Accelerated program are eligible for a discount on the CFP® Live Review course fee.

Anyone interested in becoming an instructor at UC Irvine Extension should first view our website at:
Click here to read the guide.

Click here for more information.

For Personal Financial Planning Program or the CFP® Live Review Course: Francine Berg , (949) 824-4661
For FPA Residency Program: extension.uci.edu/fpa
For Recruitment: Kathy Amoroso.



A New Beginning After Divorce

Instead of Social Networking, Think Social Marketing
by Eric Clarke

Relationships are essential for business enterprises—relationships with customers, relationships with vendors, relationships with employees. I can’t think of a single business that could function, let alone thrive, without relationships. Even go-it-alone entrepreneurs don’t really operate in a void of relationships. For investment advisers, relationships are the lifeline of their businesses, essential for building and sustaining their firms and key to increasing business.

Investment advisers acquire new clients through referrals; that is the No. 1 way they have built their businesses for years, and it continues to be the most successful method. Referrals come through a variety of methods ranging from receiving a passive recommendation from a happy client to purposefully asking clients for referrals.

What is changing is the way those referrals are attained. Welcome to the ever-evolving and rapidly expanding world of social networks.

I am an avid Facebook user. I often find I know more about what is going on with a friend who lives 1,000 miles away than I know about my next-door neighbor. Social networks are helping us bridge that 1,000-mile span better than the short, across-the-fence distance. In more and more relationships, social networks are becoming our preferred communication and stay-in-touch method.

For the investment adviser, that would certainly indicate social media is being used by your target market. Let’s look at the numbers. In the market segment of age 55 and older, more than 27.4 million individuals have indicated they use social networking, according to comScore. Even more staggering, the majority of social network users are individuals over 35 years old, according to data from Google Ad Planner reported by www.pingdom.com. For many advisers, professionals 35 years old and older represent their target demographic. Instead of social networking, think social marketing. Social media is on fire when it comes to client acquisition. Advisory firms using social media are growing faster than their counterparts not using social media—three times faster in terms of annual revenue, AUM and client base, according to Aite Group. What is driving this growth? Social network referrals. If you’re not using social media, read on! Using social networks to generate more referrals is easier than you might imagine. Here’s a primer on a little social etiquette to keep in mind as you join the social networks.

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Name Joined Company City
Kent Arnold February Edward Jones Anaheim
Nick Bautista March   Irvine
Nycole Blackstone February   Fullerton
Kelly Campbell February RGT Capital Management, Ltd. Irvine
Walter Coulter February The Obsidian Group Riverside
Kate Gregory February Gregory Advisor Incorporated Huntington Beach
William Lugaro February   Anaheim
Brett McDonell February iMortgage – Brett McDonell Newport Beach
Kimberly McFee February Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Yorba Linda
Ryan McGuire March Athlete Wealth Management Group Irvine
Erin McMann February Tax & Financial Group Newport Beach
Ryan Price January Price Financial Partners Irvine
Wil Smith February Prudence Estate and Investment Advisory, Inc. Rancho Santa Margarita


Name Years Company  
Paul Barlow 30 Schimsky Financial Group  
Randall Larson 30 Larson Financial Advisors, Inc.
William O’Connor 30 Applied Financial Planning, Inc.

Daralee Barbera 25 Waddell and Reed, Inc.
Diane Guggenheimer 25

Stephen Kiernan 20
Edward Manko 15

Ruth Sully 15
William Wheeler 10 LPL Financial

Henk Pieters 5 Investus Financial Planning
Michael Spieler 5



FPA Orange County One Thing Leads to Another... Get involved and make a difference! If we all just did ONE THING, imagine the impact we can have on our Chapter and on shaping our profession! 

Help make updates to the chapter website. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kenneth Yee, Director of Communications at [email protected]

Help create the chapter newsletter. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kenneth Yee, Director of Communications at [email protected]

Help prepare packets for the Education Meetings. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Kenneth Yee, Director of Communications at [email protected]

Improve your professional visibility with the Media. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Ralph Adamo, Director of Public Relations at [email protected]

Contribute one blog post to our new FPA Allied Professionals Blog. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Ralph Adamo, Director of Public Relations at [email protected]

Enjoy photography. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Anthony Ahn, Volunteer Cordinator at [email protected]

Help prepare name tags for the Education Meetings. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Anthony Ahn, Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]


FPA Orange County Read through the Capitol Update newsletter for the latest summary of tax, securities, pension, insurance and professional issues of importance to financial planners.

  • Study Shows the Fiduciary Standard Does Not Affect Ability to Conduct Business
  • FPA and Six Other Groups File Response to SIFMA Framework Letter
  • CA Proposals for State Run Retirement System and Sales Tax Hike
  • Senate Democrats Plan April Vote on ‘Buffett Rule’
  • House Budget Passed
  • House Committee Approves 20% Deduction for Small Business
  • U.S. Corporate Tax Rate #1
  • EBSA Cracks Down on Retirement Plan Advisors
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TD Ameritrade

The TD Ameritrade Institutional Difference TD Ameritrade Institutional is a leading provider of comprehensive brokerage and custody services to over 4,000 independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and their clients. We deliver smart operational solutions, innovative technology, customized practice management and flexible investment solutions, all with one goal in mind—impeccable service. As steadfast advocates for independent advisors, we continually speak out to ensure that RIA needs and the needs of investors are always considered within the regulatory environment. When you choose to work with us, you’ll see how deeply we are committed to your success. Visit us at www.tdainstitutional.com or call us at 800-934-6124.

Joe Alfery
VP, Sales TD Ameritrade Institutional
[email protected]

Edward Jones

At Edward Jones, we are a leader in the financial services industry, but we take a personal approach to business that starts with a face-to-face meeting between a Financial Advisor and an investor. Every aspect of our business – from the location of our offices to the investments and serviceswe offer – is aligned to help us better understand and meet our clients’ unique needs.

As we continue to expand our business and growing network of branch offices, we are eager to meet highly motivated individuals who are looking for both personal and professional satisfaction with a unique industry leader. If you’re excited by the following:

  • Running your own office with a full-time assistant dedicated solely to you
  • Working in the community where you live and your clients live
  • Working for a company where you compete only against yourself
  • Working for a company consistently recognized by FORTUNE magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in America
Then becoming an Edward Jones Financial Advisor may be right for you. Learn more at careers.edwardjones.com.

Stacey Morris
Financial Advisor Recruiter
[email protected]
Artio Global

Artio Global Investors Inc. is the indirect holding company of Artio Global Management LLC ("Artio Global"), a registered investment adviser headquartered in New York City that actively invests in global equity and fixed income markets, primarily for institutional and intermediary clients
Best known for International Equity, Artio Global also offers a select group of other equity and fixed income investment strategies, including Global Equity, a series of US Equity strategies, High Grade Fixed Income, High Yield and Local Emerging Markets Debt. Access to these strategies is offered through a variety of investment vehicles including separate accounts, commingled funds and mutual funds.

Since 1995 our investment professionals have built a successful long-term track record by taking an unconventional approach to investing. Based on a philosophy of style-agnostic investing across a broad range of opportunities, we have consistently pursued a global approach that we believe provides critical insights, thereby adding value for clients over the long term.

Jeffrey Hensal
Director, Advisory Services – Western Region
Artio Global Investors
330 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
[email protected]


Since 1987, Laserfiche® has used its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. More than 30,000 organizations— including over 4,000 financial advisors and RIA firms—have used Laserfiche to streamline document, records and business process management.

By digitizing paper archives, Laserfiche enables financial services professionals to find information instantly, quickly prepare for audits and simplify compliance. Secure Web access enables information sharing with remote offices, business partners and clients, while comprehensive security ensures compliance with government- and industry-mandated standards.

John Toledo| Tradeshow Coordinator
Phone: 1.562.988.1688 x 209
E-mail: mailto:[email protected]
Website: www.laserfiche.com



Give your fee-based business a boost.
Working with Nationwide® can give your business a positive charge. Over the years, we’ve committed ourselves to developing a strong and dedicated support system for fee-based practices including:
Continuing Education (CE) Presentations: Stay informed about new developments in retirement income planning

  • Advisor Seminars: Learn from some of the industry’s most influential professionals like Matt Oechsli, Bill Bachrach and Cannon Financial
  • Client Seminars: We can provide you with the client-approved material you need to host a seminar or meet with clients one-on-one
  • Fee-based resources: We have fee-based specialists, products, strategies and materials to help create retirement income solutions for your clients.
Contact me to discuss ways we can help you further develop your fee-based business.

Bruce Guarino
(949) 322 6274
[email protected]


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