Volunteering for FPA of Orange County can help you enjoy personal and professional growth and at the same time strengthen our chapters mission to advance the profession of financial planning. Whether it is a short, one-time commitment, or a long-term project/position, we welcome the input, skills and passions of our members. Join us!


The Advocacy Committee communicates important legislative and regulatory trends to the Orange County chapter members that may affect the financial planning profession and/or their practices.

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Allied Professionals

The Allied Professionals Committee creates connection between wealth management professionals in all areas, whether financial planner, banker, CPA, Enrolled Agent, insurance representative, attorney, or other professional.

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The Communications Committee creates effective and informative communications including emails, newsletters and marketing pieces to promote the many activities of our busy chapter.

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The Membership Committee reaches out both to encourage prospective members to join and to welcome new members, helping them get the most from FPA membership.

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The Partners Committee works with the many corporate sponsors who make possible our FPA of Orange County activities.

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Pro Bono/Community Outreach

The Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee assists individuals and families who are underserved, reaching out to those who need financial planning but may lack the means to pay a financial planning professional.

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The Programs Committee plans and manages each of our chapters popular Quarterly Education Meetings.

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Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee strategically promotes financial planning and the work of the FPAOC through advertising, publicity and social media.

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Volunteer Development

The Volunteer Development Committee grows our chapter volunteer base through personal connections and active involvement with our members.

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Why do you serve?
  • I wanted to contribute to the financial planning profession locally. Meet new colleagues and allied professionals.
    - Edward Mora, ChFC, CRC, CFP
  • I enjoy doing things for others, giving back to the community, and working toward an important cause. Serving also helps me to learn from others in the chapter and develop stronger relationships in our financial planning community.
    - Kevin Henss
  • Personal challenge, Relationships, Advance Financial Planning.
    - Mark Rylance, CFP
  • Improves my professional and personal connectivity. Is intellectually stimulating. Deepens my knowledge of professional/industry trends. Is a good addition for the professional resume.
    - Ralph Adamo, CFP
  • Network with other advisors to help me in my profession and broaden my options for my future, as well as to keep on top of what is happening in the local and national financial planning community and how FPA fits into this picture.
    - Steve Kiernan, CFP
  • To keep busy; Hone and develop new skills; Promote the name of my company.
    - Steve Okamura, CFP
  • It's my way of giving back to the chapter, the community and the FPA.
    - Andi YH Kang, CFP
  • To be an advocate for our profession.
    - Mike Shockley, CFP, JD, MBA
  • I serve to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with local financial planners and allied professionals, to play an active role in advancing our profession, to learn more about our very diverse profession, and to seek out opportunities that will ultimately benefit my clients.
    - David MacLeod, CFP
  • I serve for both personal and professional enrichment. I like being in a position to influence change for the greater good.
    - Bill Cuthbertson, MBA, EA, CFP
  • I enjoy the camaraderie that the FPA offers. Also, it is important that I stay in front of FPA members as an affiliate and they understand my services that I provide.
    - Tyler Banks
  • The relationships that I form through service; I want to make a difference in our profession/community; I like to be in charge; I am seeking further leadership opportunities in our organization.
    - Evelyn Zohlen, MBA, MS, CFP
  • I serve because I have a mission to get Financial Planning as a curriculum into our high schools. I am hopeful that I can leave that as a legacy.
    - Julie Holmes-Grady, MBA, CPA
  • I enjoy working with the under-served of our OC community to help them better understand the concepts of financial planning so that they can integrate the concepts and actions into their own lives on a habitual basis.
    - Julie Holmes-Grady, MBA, CPA
  • I found that by serving the chapter and the community it ultimately served me through the friendships I've formed and the contributions made to the chapter's future success.
    - Carolanne Chavanne, CFP
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