2016 FPAOC Volunteer of the Year

Fred Jin, CFP®, CRPC®

Fred has been a long-standing volunteer for Orange County Financial Planning Day, even stepping up before he was a member of our chapter. Fred served on the Community Outreach Committee for two years before becoming committee chair in 2017, where he helps to find the most effective ways for FPAOC to reach those who are underserved.

2015 FPAOC Volunteer of the Year

Karmen Younes

Karmen helps our chapter in a number of key areas. She is active in our Pro Bono/Community Outreach Committee and has played important roles planning, promoting, and coordinating events for the Illumination Foundation, Mercy House, and our own Financial Planning Day. She has a reoccurring role on our Programs Committee, managing the A/V for our partner and speaker presentations and working as a speaker wrangler. For our Public Relations Committee, Karmen is working to bring our social media up to date, strategically increasing our presence in the financial planning community and helping to grow our membership. For her involvement in FPAOC, Karmen was also awarded a 2015 Keir FPA Scholarship.

2014 FPAOC Volunteer of the Year

Linda Barlow CFP®

Linda worked to merge the IAFP and ICFP into the Financial Planning Association in 2000, and she went on to serve as the board secretary, president-elect, president, and chair from 2001-2004. She created and still manages the FPAOC internship program, which has matched many new planners who want to gain experience in the profession with an equally large number of employers who are willing to come beside them. Linda also plays a key role in our chapter’s Advisors in Transition community, and she runs our Chapter Study Group. She is always available to support our chapter activities throughout the year, and she is a helpful mentor to our board members when needed.

2013 FPAOC Volunteer of the Year

Aileen Danley MBA, CFP®

Aileen has given her time to support Financial Planning Day, Allied Professionals Summit, and the Volunteer Development Committee. This year, Aileen joins the Board of Directors as the chair of the Volunteer Development Committee. Aileen knows the personal and professional value of getting more involved in the FPA – stop by and meet Aileen at the “Do 1 Thing” board at the February Quarterly Meeting. She can help you get involved as well!

2012 FPAOC Volunteer of the Year

Evelyn Zohlen, President, MBA, MS, CFP®
Inspired Financial

Evelyn Zohlen’s impact on the FPA Orange County chapter goes far beyond any one year of accomplishments. She served as the chapter President in 2010 as well as Director of Education, Director of Member Benefits, and Junior Achievement Liaison in prior years.  She also consistently volunteers on chapter committees such as Education, Pro Bono and Government Relations.  At the regional level, she is an original founder of FPA of California and is serving as that group’s President in 2013.  Nationally, she served as Taskforce Chair for FPA’s largest conference in 2011, FPA Experience, and serves as Chair of FPA’s Advocacy Committee in 2013.

Her passionate commitment to the financial planning profession is evidenced not only by her tireless service to the Financial Planning Association but by the time dedicates to its advancement through speaking, teaching, and mentoring new advisors.  She demonstrates that volunteerism in FPA is a benefit to her business success. It doesn’t distract from business, but builds it.

2011 FPAOC Volunteer of the Year

Kevin Henss, CFP®, MA
Inspired Financial

In 2011, Kevin Henss was the first recipient of the "Volunteer of the Year" award for his many successful achievements and contributions. As Director of Communications, he lead the creation of a new chapter website, developed an eNewsletter, and launched a chapter Facebook and LinkedIn page. He has also co-lead the chapter’s NexGen community which focuses on transferring knowledge and wisdom to less experienced advisors. Kevin logged in an estimated 640 hours to accomplish these goals as well as lead the other existing responsibilities of the Communications Committee.

2017 Volunteer of the Quarter

3rd Quarter - Julie Bray

2nd Quarter - Robert Wallace

1st Quarter – Ashley Bleckner

2016 Volunteer of the Quarter

4th Quarter – Susan Goodman

3rd Quarter - Fred Jin

2nd Quarter - Kimberly McFee

1st Quarter – Mark Prendergast

2015 Volunteer of the Quarter

4th Quarter – Kevin Henss

3rd Quarter - Meghan Coolbaugh

2nd Quarter - Janet Larsen

1st Quarter – Maria Kutscher

2014 Volunteer of the Quarter

4th Quarter – David MacLeod

3rd Quarter - Andrew Scammon

2nd Quarter - Tracy Fozdar

1st Quarter – Karmen Younes

2013 Volunteer of the Quarter

4th Quarter - Bob Welge

3rd Quarter - Kimberly McFee

2nd Quarter - Aileen Danley

1st Quarter – Renee Trommler

Chapter Awards

2016 Three Outstanding Achievement Awards – Leadership Development (Future Leaders Group), Technology/Website Development (FPAOC’s use of Office 365), and for the Financial Philosophy created by the Board of Directors.

2015 Two Outstanding Achievement Awards - Membership (“I AM FPA of Orange County” video) and Financial Planning Week (linking the California State Controller’s Office 2014 Manage Your Money Week with our Orange County Financial Planning Day)

2014 Outstanding Achievement Award - FPAOC Innovative Education (Quarterly Chapter Dinner)

2013 Outstanding Achievement Award - FPAOC Events Bulletin

2013 Roadmap to Success - Gold Level Achievement

2013 Blue Ribbon Best Practices Award

2012 FPA Outstanding Achievement Award - Innovative Education

2012 FPA Outstanding Achievement Award - Career Development

2011 FPA Outstanding Achievement Award - Partnering with Like Minded Organizations

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